Nowadays, users engagement is more valuable as compare to its size in any community. Many companies apply various strategies to attract its user and increase its community engagements. It’s observed that loyalty and retention increases with more engagements. Having a loyal community is more beneficial than spending thousands of rupees on advertisements and social media to derive more leads. Community engagements strategies are a process of building and developing users. Every community has different values and interests. So, there is no one strategy for all community they often vary. A best way to encourage community member is by giving them a chance to express them. When thoughts are exchanged among people about the things that matter to them and this should always encourage. Provide them a platform where they can share their stories, experience and enhance their passion. Another way is by focusing on community moderation. Giving chance to express themselves among each other is appreciable but respecting each other’s ideas and opinions is same important as listening it. In short, you need to moderate the community in order to avoid bullying, offensive or inappropriate behavior and trolling. You should be ready for the atmosphere that can be created by few offensive comment posted. Also, you should segment your user base for epic community development. As we know that your user base is probably very diverse.  You should know that who is most engaged, core community members are so that you can gather them into one segment.

 This segmentation should be applied with the members who are less engaged and also with the members who are not engaged at all. This is really useful for rewarding most engaged followers and rewarding their loyalty by giving them special access. Similarly, identifying your least engaged followers so that you can encourage them. Segmenting your user is one of the key community engagement strategies. You can encourage by bring your social media following into your own closed community. Most of the following is built on social media so it can also be used to build a fan base or brand community. The biggest shortcoming of social media is to create a closed, exclusive or even paid community. Your all strategies will only work when you are responsive. Your involvement in community should be uniform and your followers should expect to hear from you every time. Community engagement is not only business or company based it can be fun based when done right. Your content used be balanced right between promotional material and creative content. This is directly depended on the type of community you are dealing with. For adding more fun and creativity visual content should be used. You should add videos or photos to your content to make it more understandable or readable. For every big decision a healthy discussion is required with community manager. Community manager is a person who handles all the decision making. This person will be able to increase online engagement within your community by deciding what sort of material is allowed.  So these are some ideas for strong community engagement strategy.

Author: Tanishka Gupta

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